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its been long! well well lemme see. my back brace is off! my girlfriend flew off! what else? my mc is ending soon T_T

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I remember I was still in BMT some weeks back. I was listening to a sermon by Pastor Judah Smith. He was talking on Judges 16 : 18. The story is on Samson. To cut the story short, Samson sinned against God, got captured by his enemies and was a slave to them. All Samson could think about then was God forgiving him and deliver him from his enemies. So he was asking God to remember him.

Judges 16 : 28

Then Samson prayed to the Lord,

“O Sovereign Lord, remember me. O God , please strengthen me just once more, and let me with one blow get revenge on the Philistines for my two eyes.”

So the bottom line of the sermon is that God does remember you in your own difficult times. When you feel like you’re all alone facing your obstacles and trials, when you fall so deep you can’t climb out of a hole. God is there for you. So that sermon inspired me to write a song, a tune rather. It was during one of those times in camp, I had my guitar and just enjoying some alone time with God. I just played out a song however with no words. And I enjoyed that song. I kept playing it randomly after that wherever I went. Church, fellowship, gatherings – you name it.

So one day Nick heard that song and said that he would help me put some lyrics in. That took sometime and we finally made some time to literally finish that song. I told him about what inspired me to write that tune and viola, he just wrote down a couple of words and a verse, pre chorus and chorus was formed. Basically a 3/4 finished song. Its titled Remember Me and we recorded it yesterday using a not so good mic for skype .

So here are the words.

Remember Me by Nicholas Tan and Alastair Leong


The world will only judge you
By what they see
So give them a run for their money
Be whoever you want to be

Pre Chorus

Don’t worry about a thing who knows
What tomorrow can bring.


Even though I feel alone
Not where I should be
Through things I cannot bear
It is plain to see that you’re here with me
Nothing I do is good enough
So I ask
Remember me

l o v e d

Originally uploaded by @jessewright

love this guy’s work. check it out (:

i’ve come to a conclusion. facebook and google chrome don’t go together. for the past 5 days now i’ve been trying to upload photos using google chrome. BUT it kept failing, even after i resized my pictures. so i used firefox just now, and it worked fine.